Selling a real estate property

A successful real estate transaction ends at the best price and as soon as possible, while respecting legal norms and procedures. In this sense, Astoria Imobiliare recommends you to take the following steps for the sale of your real estate property:

♦  preparing;
♦  evaluating;
♦  advertising;
♦  advisory;
♦  viewing;
♦  negotiation;
♦  completion of the transaction.


Preparing your property

The first step in the sale of your property is to prepare the necessary documents for the transaction: title of ownership, cadastral documentation, land book, energy certificate, fiscal certificate, ROL certificate from the local government - town hall, record from the Association of Owners - if applicable, the payment proof of all utilities (up to date), the land book excerpt required by the notary to authenticate the real estate transaction. With Astoria Imobiliare, you can benefit from consultancy to obtain these documents.

Preparing the property so that it reflects the requirements of potential purchasers can help you to complete the sale trade faster. Therefore, Astoria Imobiliare specialists recommend you to sanitize your property as a first step towards selling it. Sanitation does not mean hiding the dirt or other vices, nor investing in sophisticated arrangements, but replacing broken living necessities (e.g. tap, stove etc.), general cleanliness and room ventilation will certainly make a good impression to buyers.

These suggestions must, of course, also be harmonized with your availability as a seller so as to provide reasonable times for potential buyers to view the real estate. Providing punctuality, hospitality and openness, you can motivate buyers to make a favorable decision.


Property evaluation

Astoria Imobiliare specialists can help you determine the right price for your property. Due to the experience and quality of our services, as well as our daily presence in the local real estate market, we can provide you with a fair and objective evaluation of the real estate. Calling on alternative methods for setting the sales price can lead to unrealistic results.


If you prefer not to use real estate services for sale, the following tips may be helpful:

♦  visualize the sale of your real estate as a business, objectively and detach yourself from the emotions and ownership status;
♦  study the market in order to estimate the average selling price in your property area;
♦  take into consideration that the public price is not the same as the sale price, so take into account a bargaining margin;
♦  set a deadline for finding the buyer (decide if you want to sell quickly or if you are willing to wait for better options in the future, this decision may influence the price of the property).


Running this process on your own may cost you a lot of research time, possibly leading to an unsatisfactory result. That is why Astoria Imobiliare is offering you a complete package of quality real estate services tailored to your wishes.


Real estate advertisement

It is essential that your desire to sell a building becomes public to attract the attention of buyers. There are multiple ways to make the sale announcement public, from announcing your relatives, to investing in real estate announcements and banners, etc. and all should be taken into account. We recommend that you use Astoria Imobiliare services to sell your property because our services include an advertising package tailored to your offer.


The real estate announcement (both in print and online) is the easiest and most affordable advertising method that can help you complete the successful sale transaction. Astoria Imobiliare team believes that this should be concise and accurate in presenting information about the property. The sales announcement should only describe the reality, because any defect of the property later revealed may create an unfavorable image in the market, thus removing your potential buyers.


A real estate ad must contain several mandatory elements: the area of the building, as well as several facilities (proximity to shops, public transport and other points of interest), the type of building, the number and layout of the rooms, the finishing, the public price and the possible facilities of payment. The pictures used are of great importance. We recommend that the inside images should be bright, discovering wider spaces and the panoramic ones to be in concordance with the current season.


Real estate counseling

We have already presented some of the reasons why specialized advice can help you successfully sell your property. Here are briefly the benefits you gain by working with Astoria Imobiliare professionals:

♦  access to information on the real estate market;
♦  support in establishing the correct selling price;
♦  receiving a promotional and customized advertising package for your offer;
♦  assistance throughout the duration of the sale-purchase transaction;
♦  gaining time and obtaining the best price for your property;
♦  post-sale counseling on other investment opportunities in the real estate field;
♦  the security of your sale-purchase transaction;
♦  access to discounts through our loyalty program.


In the absence of specific legislation, the position of real estate consultant can be occupied by anyone, even in the absence of training or experience in the field. As a result, in today's real estate field, there are professionals supported by extended profile activity, as well as unprofessional people. The difference in quality of services offered by the two categories may have a significant impact on your transaction. A professional real estate consultant that suits you is distinguished from an unprofessional one by accomplishing the following features:

♦  he/she works for you (not for commission);
♦  he/she advises you, but does not impose what to do;
♦  he/she maintains working standards;
♦  he/she has strong communication and negotiation skills;
♦  he/she offers complete and customized services;
♦  he/she is working with a team of specialists in key areas;
♦  he/she represents a successful brand supported by experience within the real estate field.


The Astoria Imobiliare team is made up of professional real estate consultants with the goal of completing the sale and purchase transactions in a fair way for both parties. Our specialists portray the intermediary real estate consultant, being a mediator between the two parties whom they represent in an equal manner. 


Viewing the property

We suggest you engage actively in the process of viewing your property to help buyers feel at home. Selling your real estate can load you with emotions, but it is important to let your reason guide you to conclude a successful transaction. Let the property you have pre-arranged speak for you during the visit.



The Astoria Imobiliare team will help you negotiate the best price you can obtain for your property. As you know, the price of a property may refer to several aspects:

♦  seller's price - the one requested by the seller who wants to sell at the highest price;
♦  evaluated price - the one that reflects an estimated value attributed through specific procedures by an  Astoria Imobiliare specialist or by an authorized evaluator. From our experience, the evaluated price will also be the closest to the price at which the sale-purchase agreement will be signed;
♦  public price - the one at which the property will be listed on the market. From our experience, this price is usually up to 10% higher than the final trading value;
♦  sale price - the one at which the sale-purchase agreement of your property will be signed;
♦  price of notary grids - these centralized documents establish guide prices for real estate in certain areas.


Also, during negotiations the conditions of sale, such as payment facilities or time to release the property, should be discussed.  There are several payment methods you can offer potential buyers, detailed below:

♦  payment in full - in cash (which means that you will receive the full payment in the presence of the notary who will authenticate the sale-purchase agreement, being valid only for real estate properties with a sale price of less than RON 50.000) or by a bank transfer (in which case there may be delays of 2-3 days until the payment is received);
♦  payment by bank credit - where longer delays may occur, even more than a month, to approve the buyer's credit;
♦  staggered payment - is an advantage you can offer the buyer, giving you the time required to decide where you want to reinvest your capital. 


Completion of the transaction

Completion of the transaction involves the signing of the sale-purchase agreement in the presence of the public notary. This involves submitting certain documents and paying some fees detailed below.


The required documents:

♦  Property act on the real estate - this may be: the sale-purchase agreement, donation agreement, final and irrevocable civil sentence, heir certificates etc.;
♦  Cadaster - the cadastral documentation of the immovable property;
♦  Registration - registration of the property right on the land register;
♦  The land book excerpt - which certifies the identity and legal status of the property, being valid for 10 days from the filing of the application for its issuance by the notary office;
♦  The tax certificate - this is valid for 30 days, being obtained from the Financial Administration. This document certifies that you are up to date with state-taxes (interests and other taxes);
♦  ROL record from local government - town hall;
♦  Record from the owners' association - to prove that you are up to date with the maintenance and repair costs of the property;
♦  Energy certificate - certifying the energy performance of the building;
♦  Record from the electricity supplier - certifying the up-to-date payment for these services;
♦  Last invoice from the gas supplier as well as proof of payment;
♦  Owners' identity documents;
♦  Certificate of marriage (if applicable);
♦  Statement from the Town Hall (if applicable) - attesting that the property is not claimed.



To complete the transaction, the seller has to pay the following fees: real estate transaction interest, energy certificate fee and real estate agency commission.


Tax on income from real estate transactions that exceed the equivalent in lei of 100 000 euro is 3%.


Energy performance certificate

Once the sale-purchase agreement is registered, the seller remains obliged to submit a copy of the energy performance certificate to the competent fiscal body as well as to hand over the original of this document to the new owner. This certificate certifies the energy performance of a building, and in order to obtain it, the following documents are required:

♦  land register excerpt;
♦  location plan of the building with cardinal points and neighborhoods;
♦  layout of the building structure;
♦  plan of heating or cooling installations;
♦  details of the building elements: walls, terrace etc.;
♦  type of glazing elements;
♦  details of the heating installation;
♦  consumption for at least one year in terms of electricity, cold water, hot water, gas, sewerage and waste.


Energy auditors authorized by the Ministry of Regional Development and Housing are responsible with releasing the Energy Performance Certificate that is valid for 10 years.