Renting a property - information for tenants

When renting a property you need to be ready for interacting with the dynamic rental market which represents the fastest-paced real estate sector. Astoria Imobiliare specialists recommend going through the following steps in order to rent your desired property in compliance with the legal rules in force:

identifying housing needs;
setting the budget;
selecting the team;
selection of real estate offers;
viewing properties;
completion of the real estate transaction.


Identifying housing needs

There are many things to consider when choosing a property for rent. Depending on the distance from work or college, your daily schedule, your lifestyle, Astoria Imobiliare consultants can recommend the most suitable real estate for you. Of course, you may be among the few tenants who know exactly what they want and then you prefer to act on your own. Our team wants you to know that every element of the rental offer will bring an additional cost (depending on the area, number of rooms and type of apartment, floor, facilities, parking spaces and other facilities).


Setting the budget

We are sure that you want the lowest rent, so setting a budget is an important step in the rental process. The idea that the budget you have for rent is equal to the monthly rent is erroneous. You will often have to spend more money than you planned even from the first month of your rental. There are a number of factors that you need to consider when setting your budget for renting a property so you can avoid unpleasant surprises along the way, for example:

you can obtain a lower monthly rent if you decide to pay more rents in advance;
the owner will ask for a warranty that is an additional cost to you;
besides the monthly rent, the maintenance and utility expenses will have to be paid, and these will differ from one property to another;
our advice is not to choose a rent on the outskirts of the city just because it is cheap, as you will considerably increase your transportation costs and your traveling time to/from your office/school.


If you decide to use our services to find a rental property, Astoria Imobiliare team will inform you of such factors for each offer.


Selecting the team you will work with

Renting a property on your own may be a risky business, so it is advisable to use the services of a professional real estate agency. In the absence of specific legislation, the position of real estate consultant can be occupied by anyone, even in the absence of training or experience in the field. As a result, in today's real estate field, there are professionals supported by extended profile activity, as well as unprofessional people. The difference in quality of services offered by the two categories may have a significant impact on your transaction. A professional real estate consultant that suits you is distinguished from an unprofessional one by accomplishing the following features:

he/she works for you (not for commission);
he/she advises you, but does not impose what to do;
he/she maintains working standards;
he/she has strong communication and negotiation skills;
he/she offers complete and customized services;
he/she is working with a team of specialists in key areas;
he/she represents a successful brand supported by experience within the real estate field.


The experience of Astoria Imobiliare consultants will help you not only find the desired property, but will also provide support throughout the process. Our role is to create customized service packages for each customer according to their needs. Below we will list 7 other reasons why Astoria Imobiliare is the right choice for your real estate transaction:

Astoria Imobiliare specialists will make sure to find the best real estate for you, according to your wishes;
our consultants will help you draft a budget so as not to let the unexpected expenses take you by surprise;
to obtain access to the best offers that have already been viewed by our consultants;
to receive counseling during the negotiation;
in order to gain time, the rental process being shorter with the help of Astoria Imobiliare specialists;
to sign a fair and legal rental agreement;
for a win-win relationship with long-term benefits for you.


Viewing the property

The viewing stage is one of the most important stages of the rental process and unlike the purchase process of a real estate, a viewing can be terminated with negotiating and signing the rental agreement. In order to secure a better financial lease for you, Astoria Imobiliare team recommends the following:

keep a positive attitude during viewing;
be punctual and adopt a well-dressed (smart casual) outfit;
you can bring a CV or recommendation letter as a presentation of yourself;
if you are multiple tenants (husband/wife, friends etc.) it is recommended to view the property together;
answer the owner's questions with honesty and courtesy.


Often the viewing period is very short. Sometimes a second viewing of the same property is impossible, for the simple reason that it might have already been rented. Due to the dynamics of this real estate sector, in the months when rents are highly sought-after, it is possible that several people interested in the same real estate may attend the same viewing. To ensure that viewing will be a real success for you, our specialists already know the aesthetic and technical properties of the real estate.


However, if you decide to rent on your own, we advise you to pay attention to the following issues during your viewing:

the general condition of the property, but also of the surroundings;
the list of maintenance and utility costs because you do not want to live in a block of flats where debts are high and there may be tensions;
the cleanliness of the staircase, the degree of degradation of the wall paint, the technical condition of the elevator etc.;
make sure that all pipes, electrical installations, doors, furniture and appliances are in good condition.


Having all these tips at hand, now all you have to do is take care that all of these things are mentioned in the rental agreement and in the delivery-reception report.



Astoria Imobiliare team will advise you how to negotiate your monthly rent so you can rent the property you want with a small financial effort. There are several ways you can do it, but it is important to gain the owner's confidence to get more benefits during the negotiation. Thus, we recommend that you give him honest answers to the questions he has and keep an open attitude. At the same time, you need to know that negotiating involves obtaining various benefits and not just a lower amount for your monthly rent. For example:

you can negotiate a lower monthly rent if you pay more rents in advance (2-6 months);
you may ask for the possibility to pay the warranty in several installments, so you will not have to pay the higher amounts at the beginning of the contractual period;
you can ask the owner for a reduction in monthly rent during the summer months if you are a student or a pupil;
you can request such a discount also in winter due to higher utility costs and this discount can be offset by an increase in rent during summer;
you can decide to endow the property by purchasing a washing machine for example, and this will reduce your monthly rent. The advantage for you is that you have obtained a lower monthly rent and you can use the goods purchased both during the contractual period and afterwards because it belongs to you;
you can negotiate the payment of the maintenance and utility costs by the owner, thus avoiding the monthly trips to the bank;
you can negotiate the availability of a parking space.


Completion of the transaction

If both parties agree on the terms of the negotiation, the rental agreement may be signed. It consists of a written agreement between the owner (lessor) and tenants/tenants (lessee/lessees) stipulating the provision of the property for a limited period of time in exchange for the payment of a monthly rent. The rental agreement does not have to be authenticated by a notary public, which is why it can be signed during the viewing. The signing of the agreement by both parties remains mandatory.


The rental agreement contains the identification data of both parties as well as that of the property, the amounts of money representing the monthly rent and the warranty, the payment terms, but also some specific clauses that we recommend to study carefully. For the security of your transaction, Astoria Imobiliare specialists can advise you on all these terms (relating to notice, sub-rental, evacuation, periodic inspection and so on).


The required documents

The following documents are required to be able to prepare the rental agreement:

identity document;
up-to-date land registry excerpt - it certifies the legal situation and the identification data of the real estate property;
energy performance certificate.


In order to register the rental agreement with the Financial Administration, you will need to submit the following documents:

identity documents of both parties (landlord and tenant/tenants);
rental agreement (3 copies);
standard form Statement 200 for Income Tax (2 copies);
fiscal stamp.



Completing the rental transaction involves the following costs for the tenant:

first month rent;
optionally, depending on the terms of negotiation, the value of several rents in advance;
the warranty (in the amount of 1 or 2 months of rent);
real estate agency commission;
maintenance and facilities’ expenses incurred after signing the rental agreement.